Review of Effects of Internal and External Factors on Selection of Financing Strategies by New Technology Ventures

Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD Candidate, Department of IT Entrepreneurship, Ali Abad Katoul Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ali Abad Katoul, Iran.

2 Associate Prof., Department of Management and Accounting, Ali Abad Katoul Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ali Abad Katoul, Iran.


New technology ventures currently play a key role in the economic performance of countries. Financing methods are among strategic issues facing entrepreneurs for launching a business, which must be reviewed by researchers and policymakers of finance and investment; thereby new technology ventures are of importance in the economic growth trend and sustainable development.
This study is aimed at reviewing the effects of internal and external factors on the selection of financing strategies by new technology ventures. Statistical society of the present research includes start-up companies. Data collection method includes library research and field research. Descriptive-practical research method and data analysis tools, Delphi techniques and experts' panel, and regression analysis. Firstly, upon designing the preliminary questionnaire and distribution thereof among academic experts and new technology ventures, totaling 29, main and secondary elements were extracted based on the information received from the experts. Then, at the next stage, for the explanation of the designed model, the final questionnaire of research, incl. general and specialized questions are prepared and drawn up, and upon distribution of the final questionnaire among the statistical sample, comprising start-up companies, the stated questionnaire was distributed among 384 companies. Research results indicate a positive and significant effect of internal variables of companies concerning the role of intermediary variables on traditional and new financing methods. Notably, external variables of companies have a significant effect on traditional and new financing methods through intermediary variables. These results indicate the importance of internal and external factors of companies on the determination of financing strategy of start-up companies in Iran.


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