Identification of Factors Affecting the Returns and Performance of Financial and Insurance Companies Listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange

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Mazandaran University


Banking and insurance industries are the strategic pillars of every country's economy and play a key role in the economy of countries. Without financial and insurance institutions, the financial sector of the country will be no longer effective. Therefore, determining the factors affecting the returns and performance of these institutions seems necessary.  So, in this research, the efficiency and effectiveness of financial and insurance institutions and their influential factors in 18 banks and listed insurance companies in Tehran Stock Exchange were studied. To do this, the data of selected financial and insurance institutions during the period of 2009-2016 were extracted using Rahavard Novin softwareand the model was estimated using the data panel method and Eviews9.0. Before estimating the model, using the unitroot test of the Dickey Fuller, the variables stationary property were checked and confirmed,and the Jarque-Bera testwas approved for the normal distribution of variables.
The results of the model estimation showed that at a significant level of 5%, the size of financial and insurance institutions, financial leverage, and the concentration ratio on their performance and returns had a positive effect, and this effect was statistically significant at 5% significancy. Also, credit risk has a negative effect on the performance and returns of these institutions and this effect is statistically significant at 5% significancy. The effect of the volume of state ownership on the performance and returns of financial and insurance institutions is negative, but this effect is not statistically significant for the returns of these institutions.