Corporate Integrity and Information Asymmetry: Evidence from Iran.

Arezoo Ghafari; Meysam Arabzadeh; Mehdi Safari Gerayli; Hosein Jabbary; Yasser Rezaei Pitenoei

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2023, , Pages 90-119

  Corporate integrity is considered as part of the company's development strategies, which in the long run can lead to the increased firms' financial transparency to stakeholders. The purpose of our study is to present a corporate integrity model and, then to investigate its effect on firms' information ...  Read More

The model for measuring the Quality of Sustainability Reporting and Determinants: Application Analytic Network Process Fuzzy DEMATEL-Based Technique

Habib Esmaeilzadeh; Hasan Ghodrati; Hossein Jabbari; Meysam Arabzadeh

Volume 6, Issue 2 , April 2022, , Pages 28-69

  Sustainability reporting is an important tool for decreasing information asymmetry, according to the stakeholders' demands for transparency. On the other hand, increasing transparency allows investors to have more appropriate evaluations of firms' activities and direct their investments to companies ...  Read More