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Assistant Professor of Economics, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


Value at Risk (VaR) plays a central role in risk management. There are several approaches for the estimation of VaR, such as historical simulation, the variance-covariance and the Monte Carlo approaches. This work presents portfolio VaR using an approach combining Copula functions, Extreme Value Theory (EVT) and GARCH-GJR models. We investigate the interactions between Tehran Stock Exchange Price Index (TEPIX) and Composite NASDAQ Index. We first use an asymmetric GARCH model and an EVT method to model the marginal distributions of each log returns series and then use Copula functions (Gaussian, Student’s t, Clayton, Gumbel and Frank) to link the marginal distributions together into a multivariate distribution. The portfolio VaR is then estimated. To check the goodness of fit of the approach, Backtesting methods are used. The empirical results show that, compared with traditional methods, the copula model captures the value more successfully.


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