1. The Iranian Journal of Finance (IJFIFSA) invites Researchers, Authors and Specialists to contribute to their Special Issue on behavioral finance and decision making.

Guest Editor:

Mohammad Osoolian, Ph.D., Assistant Prof., Department of Finance, Faculty of Accounting and Management, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. Email: m_osoolian@sbu.ac.ir

Guest Editor

Saeid Eslami Bidgoli, Ph.D., Assistant Prof., ECO College of Insurance (ECOI), Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. Email: saeed.eb@atu.ac.ir

Guest Editor:

Ali Namaki, Ph.D., Assistant Prof., Department of Finance, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. Emailalinamaki@ut.ac.ir



A subfield of behavioral economics, Behavioral finance suggests that the financial behaviors of investors are affected by psychological influences and biases. Moreover, influences and biases can shed light on the source for the explanation of all types of market anomalies and specifically market anomalies in the stock market, such as severe rises or falls in stock price. This special issue focuses on approaches through which we can view financial decision-making. The aim of the issue is to publish high quality research in all fields of finance, where such research is carried out with a behavioral perspective and / or is carried out via experimental methods. It is open to but not limited to papers which cover:

  • The role of various neurological markers in financial decision making
  • Investigations of biases
  • Sentiment and asset pricing
  • The design and implementation of experiments to investigate financial decision making and trading
  • Methodological experiments
  • Natural experiments
  • Investment behaviour of individual and institutional investors
  • Risk measurement and asset pricing
  • Trading strategies in financial (spot/derivative) markets
  • The behaviour of financial markets
  • Behavioral corporate finance
  • Mutual and hedge funds
  • Influence of financial regulation on behavior
  • Behavioral approaches to household financial decision-making
  • Other open issues and trends in behavioral finance and business applications

Empirical as well as theoretical papers which cast light on behavioral and experimental topics are welcomed. The journal is also open to review and survey papers on any behavioral finance or experimental finance area; where such papers provide an overview and synthesis of present research. Further welcomed are replication experimental finance studies of recently published high impact research in this area.

Document Type: Research Paper

Submission Procedures

Kindly follow the guidelines given on the journal website for submission and manuscript preparation. Note that the publisher will typeset the final article but do not format references. For any queries, contact us.



The schedule is below:

  • Submission opens: 01 May 2023
  • Submission deadline: 30 September2023