Ethical considerations

Journal of Iranian Journal of Finance (IJFIFSA) is a double-blind peer reviewed quaterly publication concerned with appropriate aspects of Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Financial Engineering, Risk Management, Financial Econometrics and Quantitative Methods. 

IJFIFSA is an open access publication, which is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC- By 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display and make derivative works only if they cite the original published articles in this journal. IJFIFSA is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws. 


Responsibilities and obligations of authors

In order to facilitate the process of reviewing and publishing articles, it is necessary for researchers who want to publish their scientific articles in this journal, to pay attention to the following points, otherwise the article will not be subjected to review and evaluation and also the paper will just once be returned to the author for structural revisions.

  1. As an author begins submitting an article, the article should be a novel and original task.
  2.  Article submission is only possible through the journal website, and the publication refuses the acceptance of any articles manually or by e-mail. Website address: 
  3. The author is not allowed to submit an article whose part is being studied somewhere else.
  4.  The editorial is free to reject, accept and edit the article.
  5. Submitted articles must be prepared in accordance with Guide for authors, otherwise the article will be returned to the author and will not be included in the evaluation process.
  6. He/ she cannot submit the article whose part is being studied and assessed to another journal as well.
  7. The submitted manuscript either part of it or the whole in Persian or any other languages is not allowed to be accepted which has been published previously or is going to be published in the future.
  8. The corresponding author is responsible for the accuracy of the content.
  9. corresponding author must confirm and submit the information about other co-authors of the article through the authors' commitment form (see Journal Forms).
  10. All authors whose names are mentioned in the manuscript and in the commitment form must participate in writing and compiling the article.
  11. informing about the article status is done through the journal website and e-mail (it is necessary for corresponding author to refer to both to follow up the article status)
  12. In case of cancellation of the article review process, the corresponding author is required to send her cancellation through the journal website (request to withdraw the article).
  13. Completing and submitting the authors' commitment form and conflict of interests is mandatory (see the Journal Forms)
  14. Authors should clearly report the sponsor of the research (if any).
  15. Authors have a duty to notify the editor as soon as possible if they find a mistake or incorrection in their published article to correct or revoke the article.
  16. All authors should be aware that articles submitted to this journal are reviewed by a similarity check software ( iThenticate) to prevent scientific misconduct.
  17. After acceptance, the article will be placed in the print queue (See list of articles in press)
  18. Authors should cite correctly and appropriately all the sources they have used, both directly and indirectly.